it's not even yours... what you think you own... the ideas in your bones.

so - the slacking begins... i mean 'slacking' as far as me not posting to my blog for inordinate amounts of time... what can i say? 20 hours of classes is kind of bogging me down - to say the very least.

the rome program last semester really did spoil me a bit. i only had to take 15 hours and i got to be in italy... now, i'm at home, i'm still broke, i have virtually no free time, and the course work is never ending. i am proud of myself, though; i've been walking to and from school - up the painfully steep hill [i say 'painfully' because i have shin splints at the moment] on duncan street - and i've been forcing myself to get sleep. i am using this semester as my experiment in 'better time management' and all of that efficient nonsense...

tah tah.

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honestyrain said...

school! nevermind school. we require witty blog posts almost daily. school can wait, i say!

no no. do well at school. there's always time to blog when you have a job and are bored at work ;)