stop-animation love... accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack

absolutely stunning. ... and the song by oren lavie is just beautiful.
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... at last!!!

is obama president yet?

... at last!

it's really hard to describe the amazing feeling of pride and hope that i have, knowing that a man like barack obama will be the leader of my country for (at least) the next four years. what a wonderful day to be an american... and what a wonderful day in the history of the world!

i have to say it, just (maybe) this one more time: GObama!!!

image via is obama president. original post via swissmiss.


new things...

... are coming soon, i promise. i have a gigantic deadline tonight and am working like a crazy lady. i have lovely pictures of paris at christmas (due to an unexpected layover), my family farm, and funny stories from my holidays to post... so hopefully it will be worth the wait!

cheers and much love from my workspace.