fun with basements

snow and a headache... and somehow, instead of being at home either a) sleeping said headache off, or b) making a ridiculous snowman - i am at work.


camel snot & fun with play-do

i went for pints with my friends, scott, david and nathan tonight. i've decided that i'm most definitely driving back out to chaco canyon this summer. and this time, i'm driving the jeep with the top down... i haven't seen the bleeding sun in five years and i deserve a freaking tan. pint night... why? why do they make me drink shitty beer, like mich ultra, at an obscenely inflated price in order to get a stinking glass? sigh. not. cool. not. cool. at. all.

i sprained my knee today... i'm apparently a klutz. i, apparently, can't walk now. at all. what joy is mine... i've hobbled myself. and for some very strange reason, i'm not upset about it - well, stairs are proving to be a bit more of a hassle than would typically be desired, but such is life. i'm somewhat glad of it, in fact, because i've had an excuse to not be insanely busy today... people seem to understand that when one is injured, one cannot move at a quick pace - what utter bliss is mine.

i'll lay down my vices, i'll lay down in houses... things come alive

i apparently lack the ability to work on my paintings without completely dousing myself in oil paint. health risk? yeah, i'm not so good about the whole keep-the-oil-paint-off-the-skin bit. no, not really at all. i've had this really bad habit - since i was about 15 - in that i put down my brush and decide that it's a great idea to start finger painting with oil paints... if i worked just a little harder at it, i could probably make myself look tye-died... given that i look like a henna session gone terribly awry after i've been painting. whatever... it's my therapy and whatnot.

i painted quite a bit today... it's a stationary activity [well, relatively stationary] and i can't really walk that well today... so it's convenient like that. my personal trainer allowed me to kick my own ass yesterday and currently, my legs are punishing me. c'est la vie... i've lost ten bleeding pounds in two weeks. yeah... that's right... i'm gettin' skinny again. what?

rambling, yet again... i'm having a 'dinner party' on saturday. though there will be food present [that my roommate and i will probably spend most of saturday cooking], i have a feeling it will be more 'party' than 'dinner.' nonetheless, i'm stoked. the last time i hosted anything close to a 'dinner party' [again - mostly wine (well, lots of wine, but that's neither here nor there) with sustenance available] was in my shoebox apartment in rome, cooking food enough for ten people on one burner, by candlelight because we kept shorting out the electricity. superb... so here's to hoping for someone's drunken stupor on saturday and here's to hoping even more that it's mine.

i need a drink...


a most unfortunate series of events...

last week - bitten by dog [see post from 02.04.2006]

this week - car accident [see below]

i was on my way to norfork this afternoon to bid my mother adieu before she is on her way to dubai tomorrow... and of course it starts snowing - rather profusely - on my way. i decide to continue on my merry way, undeterred by the fact that the last time i had an accident of any sort of magnitude [i.e. i was lucky to walk away from it], it was sleating and i was on my way from fayetteville to norfork... foreshadowing, anyone? i get to harrison [about 2/3 of the total journey] just fine, when i happen upon two rather horrid accidents [a) girl seemingly pinned under rolled-over turquoise coupe. b) young man unable to exit his truck after having spun out, run off the road and hitting a tree]. immediately after passing said accidents, i crossed an icy bridge. i slowed down to avoid some debris in the road and was 'tapped' from behind by the car behind me that was apparently unable to slow down in time. at this time, i began to spin, across both lanes of traffic, back into my lane, where i slammed into the curb and landed up on the sidewalk, facing the opposite direction. the impact broke two of my wheels and punctured my rear-left tire. what joy is mine... i was helped by a wonderfully kind stranger at the bp gas station, who had apparently recognized that i was much too shaken-up and still too shaky to operate my piece-of-shit jack by myself... thank you, whoever you are, from the bottom of my heart.

lessons learned from said accident:
1] stay home when it starts to sleat heavily or snow for any period of time... take actions such as: give car keys to someone else and/or hide them to insure that you don't drive in these conditions.
2] get a better jack
3] people are capable of demonstrating extreme kindness to strangers, for absolutely no reward other than ultimate gratitude. maybe some people are inherently good, after all...


hey man, how'd you get that shiner? get in a bar brawl? ... nah, dude. i fell out of a tree.

i have a busted lip and a bloody nose. yeah.

three cheers for friday night.

cheers. cheers. cheers.


i'd give my body to be back again... in the rest of the room.

brief recap of the last couple of weeks and some added nonsense to conclude:

i'm in a class that basically focuses on phallic imagery and a primarily sexual interpretation of the body in medieval space [yeah...]. i got a personal trainer and am going to get rid of my fat ass if it kills me. i graded quizzes for the first time this afternoon. i've been remodeling the cnc room in the basement of vol walker along with my friend melissa [and am almost done painting - will post pictures when it's all said and done]. i got stuck in an elevator on monday night... me and a computer cabinet, getting cozy and stuff while i waited for the cops to let me out [i was just so very glad at that moment that i am nowhere near claustrophobic...]. my transmission is slipping in my jeep and i am - as usual - broke as hell [that's a technical term, by the way].

i'm moving to dubai [in the u.a.e.] after i graduate in may and i can't wait to get the hell out of here. i have this tendency to get rather stir-crazy, and i have never been so desperate to get out of a place in my life - partly because everything i touch here seems to turn to shit and partly because i honestly believe that this place is killing me - just a little bit, each and every day. i seem to have completely lost myself. i've lost touch. with almost everything that matters to me... so i'm getting out as fast as i can...