happy christmas, you eggnog sucking patsies...

i was attacked today. not by anyone but by something - something being the 7 1/2 foot christmas tree that i purchased and attempted to peacefully assemble this morning. 'easy assembly,' my ass. the thing weighed at least 100 pounds, was in a ginormous box that i somehow squeezed into my jeep and then had to get out by myself... ho ho freaking ho. i look like i have been in a fight with a very large cat... all clawed up and whatnot. not. cool. at. all.

the tree is also 'prelit' - meaning that yes, it has lights on it, but noooooo, you can't access the bleeding cord you're supposed to plug into the wall because it's three inches long and located half-way up the bloody 'spine' of the tree. argh. i loathe going to wal-mart and now i have to go back, yet again, fight my way through all of the last-minute christmas havoc and get a bloody extension cord. oh, and after i get the extension cord, i have to fight with the tree again to see if i can find the bleeding thing i'm supposed to plug it into. ah. bah humbug and stuff.

on the merrier side of the christmas season, got the mri and found out that my brain isn't going to explode. it's like the best present ever... and no one even had to wrap it.

happy holidays... may they be truly merry and bright.



apparently sedatives/tranquilizers/what-have-you have no effect on me, even when sleep-deprived and all that nonsense. i had an mri today... and i get to have another one on monday, at no additional charge, because i apparently can't sit/lay/be still, even when strapped to a table, under the influence of tranquilizers for anxiety and whatnot, and running on about two hours of restless sleep. i should have been a freaking corpse for an hour but no, i'm little-miss-wiggles. what joy is mine.

i do have to say that i am most pleased that the kind people at the mri place decided to give me an afternoon appointment, given that i'm not a particularly pleasant person at the ass-crack of dawn, much less at the ass-crack of dawn on what is supposed to be my winter vacation.

i actually read the pamphlet they give you in the waiting room while i was - umm, yeah - waiting... i found out that i could have a 'friend or loved one' accompany me in the room while i'm put in a tube. this sounds all swell and dandy, but i know my friends - and love them, mind you, with all my black little heart - and my friends would taunt me, make fun of me, tickle my feet, take strange pictures [i don't even know if that's allowed, but you get my drift anyway]... basically torture me in any way possible for an hour. might make things more interesting, but seeing as i have a case of ants-in-my-pants as is... i think i'll forgo that privilege for the present.


i'll be waiting... with a gun and a pack of sandwiches.

voi la. some of my work from this semester... merry christmas or something.


death by chocolate

What Flavour Are You? I am Chocolate Flavoured.I am Chocolate Flavoured.

I am sweet and a little bit naughty. I am one of the few clinically proven aphrodisiacs. Sometimes I can seem a little hard, but show warmth and I soon melt. What Flavour Are You?


sweet, holy jesus, no...

so this is apparently a terrible year for music in fayetteville. first they take away jr's... now clunk records - the only place i will buy music from in this stinking town - is closing. damn the man, save the clunk.

i kinda wanna cry.