on my way!

finally some good news: i have been accepted to the daap at the university of cincinnati to pursue my masters in community planning with a focus on international development (no, i am not going to the dark side. i am not on the way to becoming a developer... just read the wiki article) in the masters international program (i will due a two-year stint in the peace corps - pending my acceptance there, as well - sandwiched in-between two years of study).

after everything that has happened this year (getting so sick i had to go to the hospital several times, losing my job, having to bury my older brother last month), i was literally so over the moon about my admissions letter that i had a bout of cry/laughing (while doing fist pumps and a happy dance around my room at 2am).

so it begins, i suppose... or continues on a new path, rather. now all i have to do is get accepted to the peace corps, find an apartment in cinci, ship my stuff home, ... ok - so i still have quite a bit to do yet in the next two months... but i am going to take a bit of time and really, really enjoy the bit of good that has (finally) come my way this year.

in the wake of this, i hope that something really good comes your way, too ... and if nothing good seems to be looming on the horizon, just be patient (i cannot believe that i - the least patient person in the world - am giving this advice, but c'est la vie), keep your chin held high, and keep a smile on your face.