i'm sick. sick of being sick. sick and bloody tired of feeling like poo. aaaand, i get to go see the doctor this afternoon. woo!!! i'm so friggin' excited, i could pop. [in case you were wondering, you're swimming in sarcasm here. positively soaking in it.] and to make matters so much more sucky [not a word, but give me a little lee-way here, i'm not feeling all that great], my roommate - the big daddy pace - is now 'sick as shit'.

but the absolute worst part about being sick today is that now i have to miss the aqueduct show at jr's tonight. i've already missed the past three shows - granted, i was in italy at the time and it would have been most expensive and difficult to commute - and now i have to miss the fourth, and all because i feel like i've been hit by a truck.

c'est la vie, damnit.

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honestyrain said...

that sucks. feel better.