a little something you should know...

i just finished reading the last lecture by randy pausch. it made me laugh, cry, and think a lot. this man was 47 and was given a death sentence - pancreatic cancer - and instead of spending his last months in despair or wallowing in pity, he chose to share a little bit of himself and leave a bit of profound advice for his very young children (and all of the people who read his book/watch his lecture, by proxy).

here are his words:

i have been repeating several things in my head of late, and they have only been reinforced by hearing and reading what dr. pausch had to say...
the first is what has become my new mantra: 'live fully, love deeply, and smile with your eyes';
the other, i found on an antique wax seal: 'dum spiro spero.' in latin, that's 'while i breathe, i hope.'

so, keep hoping and never stop finding ways to get over/around/through any of the brick walls you may come against.