antsy in my pantsy

i know. i know... another disappearing act. i'm pretty good at those, aren't i?

anyway. abracadabra... i'm back.

those of you who i haven't alienated with my regular dry-spells - and anyone that is actually procrastinating with this now - should know by now that i suffer from an extreme case of cabin fever... so to speak. 

what it breaks down to is that i get incredibly antsy when in one place for too long. the longest spells i have endured thus far have been in fayetteville, arkansas (architecture school: 5 years); and riyadh, saudi arabia (elementary-, middle-, and pre-high school: 7 years, not counting time visiting when in boarding school). i know that you are supposed to have a mix of the whole 'roots and wings' thing... but somehow i have ended up a little more than slightly off-balance. i am more of a 'wings' person (not the tv show... the i-must-travel-and-experience-whatnot-in-order-to-feel-whole thing).

i have been in stuttgart for almost a year now (t-minus 11 days and counting down), and though i love almost everything about being here, i have to admit that picking up and moving again doesn't seem like a half-bad idea to me. bring on graduate school. now. 

this coming december, i will be sending out applications to schools i can only dream will accept me and my crazy-ass theories, but here's to hoping. keep your fingers crossed. please?

one. more. year. and then a new location... a new whatever. and fewer ants in my pants.