why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

last night was so very, very entertaining... chris and i took the four italian students who are visiting fayetteville this semester out for dinner and dancing and such... we went to hugo's for dinner and beer, had some great conversation in somewhat broken english - talked about how chris and i liked rome when we were there and how they are all liking the u.s. so far, made fun of the loud, obnoxious, drunk people sitting directly next to our table, and then talked about how much claudio really likes to eat... and drink.

we went back to the house and had some vino [i finally tapped into the italian syrah that my mom and dad gave me for my 21st this summer...] and cecil [the cat] got freaked out because there were a lot of people in the house. we put on some dance music [i am the world trade center] and divide made cecil dance to the music... sigh... it was lovely.

then we went to club 716 - little did i know that there was a drag show scheduled for that evening [this was my first time to go to this particular club]... the italians really seemed to enjoy themselves, just as almost every guy in the room seemed to really be enjoying looking at the three italian guys… poor davide was hit on repeatedly by really drunk people... but all in all, it was a really funny evening... i danced my ass off and i woke up in pain [my muscles were giving me a rather big 'f@*% you'].

money, baby... it was so money...

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honestyrain said...

that sounds like such fun. i remember nights like that. i don't miss them, i don't mis being 21 but sometimes it would be great to just feel that kind of freedom again. i love to dance though and some day i'm gonna drag my friends out for some wild times. wild i say.