happy turkey day!!!

Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving! 

I wish everyone (even those who are not celebrating a holiday today) a most wonderful day full of things that you can be thankful for (good friends, great family, good food, good times).

image via kaboose. they have some great craft ideas for today, so if you're feelin' creative and have a little extra time on your hands, you should go check them out.


want, want, want, want, want, want, want.

two things... one: i am absolutely obsessed with maps and have been looking everywhere for a world map that i can hang on my wall. two: i am suffering from a serious condition where i want every beautiful poster i see. imagine my joy when i went to see swissmiss this morning and found this. i. want. it. i want it baaaaad. i really wanted this one, but it was a limited edition and they are all out (which actually kind of makes me want to cry a little on the inside).


image via air lines.



this absolutely adorable little bundle of joy is magalie - my colleague's niece... that hat on her head... that is one of mine! seriously though, check out those cheeks. this little girl is so precious i can hardly stand it.

when i found out that julia's (said colleague) sister had had her little girl, i got into knitty-mode and made this hat with this yarn (because it's my favorite and it so unbelievably soft... it is such a joy to knit with) for her. it is one of my favorite patterns and it's a one-night-movie-watching kind of project... just my style... and also, apparently, magalie's.



yes we can! yes we will!!!

obama is president elect! thank you, america!!! what an amazing and wonderful thing it is to be alive at a time when my fellow americans can elect such an incredible man to the office of president. and what a speech! 

the people of america have spoken. loudly. we choose hope over fear. change is coming to america. now is our time.

yes, we will.

image via design for obama.


design for change

there are some beautiful beautiful beautiful things over at design for obama. what an amazing thing to see how much mr. obama's bid for president has inspired so many creative people to make such beautiful works of art. 

if you think about it, the american people have been missing inspiration from a politician since JFK. the time has come for change.

image via design for obama.

happy election day! now, go vote!

thank goodness, it is finally november 4th. i am holding my breath, hoping that when i wake up tomorrow morning (i highly doubt that i will be able to stay up all night watching history unfold in the u.s. and still be a functioning human being tomorrow at work), i will find that the american people have spoken up for the change we need... i am hoping against hope that obama will be elected today. regardless - i just hope that people actually vote today. i hope that people care enough to not let this decision be made for them. i hope that everyone recognizes just how significant this election is - not just for the united states, but for the rest of the world as well. i hope that change starts today.


image via katemiss.com