she had a weakness for writers...

in the midst of everything that brings me joy (graduating and moving the away from this place), i somehow find some sort of melancholy. i can't seem to help but want things to happen that simply cannot... but i guess that this is the human condition and whatnot. i wish that i could just be satisfied with how much i've accomplished, but i seem to be focused on my failures of late (yes, i realize that this is ridiculous, but c'est la vie).

don't count your chickens before they hatch, right? well, i'm moving to dubai regardless. i'm without concrete employment offers, a work visa, or even a plan of what i'm to do once i get out into the 'real world' half-way across the planet from everything i'm familiar with at the moment. i'm just holding my breath for some serious luck once i get to dubai, since i've been on about an eight-year dry spell of it... but i suppose that in the long-run, i can just count myself lucky, for now, for actually being eligible to graduate on saturday.



30 days notice

i gave my thirty days notice to my landlord the other day and it dawned on me that i'll be out of here in less than a month. i have my thesis defense this afternoon, and barring a major disaster (... holding my breath until 4 this afternoon), i'll be on the final push toward graduation. i realize that this is pretty much all i talk about lately, but i'm just so bleeding ready for this whole period of my life to come to a close. 5 years is a lot to dedicate to anything, much less something that causes regular panic attacks and near-constant sleep-deprivation... i need a change more than i could possibly ever express in words.


and the beat goes on

this is going to be a great and terrifying week. one of my favorite authors, thomas lynch, is coming to lecture at the u of a on tuesday. on wednesday, i have to defend my thesis (the potentially terrible part of the week) and then get to go listen to terry jones of monty python give a reading on wednesday evening.

i'd have to say that, short of possibly finding out that my thesis isn't sufficient to qualify me for graduation, this is a great line-up for my last week of college. i can finally see that light at the end of this terribly dark, dank tunnel, and i'm soaking up every single beam of that light that i can.