i don't know what i can save you from

current activity: drawing something that will hopefully resemble a building in the next few hours. listening to rjd2's 'dead ringer' and frankly loving the hell out of it [not surprised, really, considering that he is on def jux...].

planned activities: being as anti-social as humanly possible until 12pm on tuesday, december 06, 2005, when i will be done with critiques and will proceed to polish off an entire bottle of champagne all by myself and then sleep for a week solid. yes. oh yes. it will be a glorious day. i might even do a little dance. who knows? champagne and lack of sleep can make a girl do some crazy stuff...


pressed against the sky... eyes wide open.

1] why is it that i think and think and think about things and delay them for ages and then suddenly decide to act on what would seem like a whim? prepare yourself for stupid, silly story: i have wanted to get my nose pierced since i was about fourteen... never did it... always thought too much about it. friday night rolls around and i get my nose pierced. talk about being bloody impulsive. i must say that i am most pleased with said piercing... looks kinda neat and whatnot... and saved for the very minimal weird pang of you-just-punched-a-hole-in-yourself-type pain, it has been relatively painless. what joy is mine.

2] talked to my parental units yesterday afternoon... apparently my mother has broken her wrist. apparently, this is no big deal to her at all. apparently, she is not in a cast yet, nor is she on any sort of pain-killer... and apparently this doesn't bother her either. my mother is superwoman. um hmm. she is.

3] been thinking about this whole 'fate' business... while i like to think i'm at least somewhat in control of my own existence, i do find it rather amusing to think about three witchy women around a looking glass, pulling my strings this way and that; placing things in my way; showing me signs and such... i mean, it's kind of comforting to think that there is some sort of plan that - while malleable - is leading me through this strange, soupy life i am living...

4] 377.5 hours and counting... holy mother of god, i have a shit-tonne of work to do...


what in tarnation?

i'm officially freaking the eff-word out... i have 491 hours and five minutes left until i have my final critique...



these are the days of miracle and wonder...

top fifteen albums that defined my childhood [in no particular order]:

1] paul simon - graceland
2] tom petty and the heartbreakers - greatest hits
3] abba - gold
4] elvis presley - aloha from hawaii
5] elvis presely - blue hawaii soundtrack
6] fleetwood mac - greatest hits
7] neil diamond - reverend bluejeans
8] everly brothers - the very best of the everly brothers
9] miles davis - kind of blue
10] johnny cash - the sun years
11] roy orbison - oldies
12] andy williams - moon river
13] frank sinatra - the sinatra christmas album
14] emmilou harris - duets
15] the carpenters - singles 1969 - 1981

i can't really explain why i've been thinking about these albums so much lately... i guess it's just the music that flows through my mind most of the time - the kind of benevolent ghost that will follow me for the rest of my life. i know now how fortunate i am to have parents with exquisite taste in music [thanks, mom and dad] ... i had an appreciation for great music instilled in me at a very young age... my dad once told me that you remember your life through music - it has the power to conjure up memories, feelings and people long since forgotten. i whole-heartedly agree... music is my world... i guess i'm lucky i have a solid foundation...


whatever tickles your fancy... just keep your fancy away from me.

what a busy little bee i am. in the last few days, i have completely re-designed my studio project with three weeks left in the semester [slightly frightening but nonetheless invigorating...], learned to knit on thursday and am in the process of making a beautiful and beautifully soft scarf-like-thing, went bowling on wednesday for just a bit and learned that beer makes me a much better bowler [i improved my average 30 points over the course of 4 games... for a whopping total of 164. giggidy giggidy, all right.], learned a new juicy piece of software yesterday that looks as though it may end up making my life a whole lot easier, actually did laundry [impressive, i know... until you find out that the newly-cleaned clothes made it so far as an open spot on my floor... who needs wrinkle-free clothing in the first place? not i...], and am currently at work. and amidst all of this pseudo productivity, i am also fighting off what seems to be another bleeding cold... again... what joy is mine.

... must be productive... have a shit-tonne of drawings and model-things to do before monday morning. i have also reaffirmed that the concept of the 'weekend' is non-existent in architecture school... kind of sad, really, because i do so love to have the option of doing absolutely nothing for a couple of days in each week... c'est la vie... i only have three more weeks of studio... EVER.


that's the way we get by... the way we get by... oh yeah.

chucky cheese's is one creepy place... and kids actually want to go there. chucky cheese and all his little robot minions look evil - what with all the clicky eyes, matted down synthetic fur and the creepy music videos... wow. i mean, don't get me wrong - i loved chucky cheese's when i was a child, and it really doesn't get any better than playing ski-ball [rather poorly, i might add] until you win a shit-tonne of tickets so that you can, in turn, exchange them for a useless but nonetheless cool toy at the toy counter, but good god... in hindsight, i should have been utterly terrified. on top of the strange characters in robot form, you've got all of the slightly awkward employees who stand around and stare, somewhat mindlessly [don't blame them, really... given that a job such as that would probably bore one to tears], and all of the 'older' crowd that seems to find itself in places like chucky cheese's [where a kid can be a kid] and should probably require some sort of police escort or some such nonsense. [wow, was that one hell of a run-on sentence or what? i'm on fire, people... oh yeah.]

i did find it interesting to realize how small everything seems inside chucky cheese's now... when i was a kid, everything seemed simply gigantic and flashy and overwhelming. now, it just seems slightly run-down and full of really tiny little games. even the ski-ball contraptions seemed to be on a miniature scale. this is rather significant to me, given that i am somewhat vertically challenged [commonly called a 'midget' even though i stand at the rather average height (for a girl) of 5'-4"] and most things and people tower over me... all this has led me to believe that the world is slowly shrinking [probably another side-effect of global warming and such] and that chucky cheese's is the first place where the results of said shrinking are beginning to register. you'll see - by march, the eiffel tower will stand no higher than my waist. just wait... it'll happen.