beer and a night full of glue sticks

the cold and slightly empty fat tire to my left looks lonely. is that a second beer you're hinting at? why, yes... i believe it is. now, this whole drinking-while-cutting-things-with-xacto-blades-junk is exactly what i was taught not to do all of three years ago: 'friends don't let friends cut drunk' was the slogan on the t-shirt, i think. however, i must insist on the drinking-beer-while-using-xacto-blade-stuff, as it is saturday night, after all, and i am stuck in my house making 'pretty things' while everyone in their right mind in jolly old fayettenam is at jr's or one of the many drinking establishments here, enjoying their beer and lack of obligation to said 'pretty things'.

911 is on speed dial and i am trained in dealing with lacerations - so don't worry your pretty little head... cheers.


trinity said...

natalie! i still own that shirt! "friends don't let friends cut drunk" with very helpful diagrams incase you didn't exactly understand.

i can't tell you how many times we snuck beer into vol walker on fri and sat nights (and mon and tues and...). i seriously doubt we were the only ones.

you never told us what studio you're taking this semester

Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

You're stuck at home on a Saturday night after you're finally healthy? You must be catching up on assignments.

I spent the last month bragging that my immune system is made of hardened steel and that I am immune to these bizarre diseases and sicknesses that have afflicted each and every person I know.

That ended Saturday morning at 5 am. I am back on my roomie's computer now (Sunday almost noon) that I can stand and talk and breathe. So not only did I miss Friday night festivites, but Saturday's as well.

I hope you're feeling better. Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

happy anonymous valentine's day to you.

Murrye said...

ah yes the good old days of beer and studio. except like trinity said, we actually took it into studio. nevermind that we prob could have gotten into tons of trouble. i'd even blatantly throw bottles in the trash can without trying to hide them. right next to my desk. sometimes you need a little inspiration! i think i even remember tim suggesting wine to get the creative juices flowing.

Janet said...

Happy vday from the unintentional, anonymous vday sender. Or in other words, no, it's not me.