the books i'm reading make me feel cold

The sickness continues. not only am i not feeling any better, but i feel about twice as badly as i did yesterday. this is like having an illness in reverse - i felt fine and then WHAMMY, i was sick, but just feverish sick and then i get all achey and my-stomach-feels-gross-kind-of-feeling and now i feel just icky. ok, i will officially stop whining right after i make this next comment: the lovely doctor that i went to see the other day [and really, she was incredibly nice] prescribed me an EIGHTY-FIVE DOLLAR medicine. i mean, come the f!@# on. i'm a poor college student, how in the living hell am i supposed to afford that crap?!

i've realized in these past couple of days how skewed my perspective has become in regards to 'free time.' when one is sick, one has an abundance of free time [as one is supposed to just rest and recover, right?]... how is it though, that i feel guilty for not running around like a crazy person? architecture school does some pretty strange things to people. instead of sleeping in like i'm supposed to, i wake up early in a cold sweat and in full panic attack because i'm supposed to be busy. i'm supposed to be busting my ass even though i am sick. blah blah blah. i'm making a point to stay home a get rest, though, because i know that if i don't, i'll kick my own ass for it later.

here's a tasty little nugget that i thought was appropriate for this evening's post: the longest bout of sneezing recorded was by donna griffith. it began in january 13 1981 and continued until september 16 1983 and lasted for 978 days.


honestyrain said...

it did not. she did not sneeze for that long. i would have chucked myself off a bridge 300 days into a sneeze fest like that. damn.

Super Boy is at school with tulip right now.

feel better silly, being sick is yucky.

Murrye said...

i hope you feel better natalie. don't let the pressures of school get the best of you. take the time to recover. when else do you get time off??