'...the slow hairs of the heart...'

i'm writing. more like, i'm trying to write and have, instead, spent the afternoon staring blankly at a screen full of words i've written but don't recognize. i've been jumping back and forth between reading and writing this past week... mostly reading about dead people and what the living do with them (i.e. how we bury them... get your head out of the gutter) - given that that's what i'm still writing about.

i've been most taken aback by the eloquence of thomas lynch. he is a poet/writer/undertaker and his prose are lovely (i actually haven't read any of his poetry as of yet). if you don't believe me, or if you actually care to read something really good, you should pick up one of his books [i'm reading the undertaking at the moment].

onto things not dealing with those lacking a pulse -there is a new baby in the family! my cousin, amanda, had a beautiful baby girl named isabella rose on the 17th. i got to go see miss 'beth' last night and i almost cried because she is so beautiful.

amanda and her husband kelly have wanted a baby so badly, and now they have a beautiful little girl who is going to be so, so very loved. to see them smile so genuinely when looking at her is truly a wonderful, heart-warming sight. amanda said, upon leaving the hospital, 'i can't believe that they're going to let me keep something so beautiful.'


waking dreams and a beat i can't get out of my head

current activity: listening to ulrich schnauss' 'passing by' on repeat [probably annoying the living hell out of the neighbors downstairs... revenge is sweet, my friend], intermitently retyping ricoculously extensive bibliography [i'm at 3.5 pages, singles spaced, 10 pt. font - and i'm not even half-way through it], working on thesis, listening to neighbors next door have a rather loud dispute on the balcony - apparently, right in front of my door [desperate for attention? or just a very mobile argument?].

have a strange craving for ice cream [ben & jerry's 'phish food' (my favorite)] - probably because it's bleeding cold outside [i only crave ice cream when it's freezing outside. yes, i know it's weird, but i can't help it], or just because i love chocolate... whatever, i just want ice cream. am also craving human interaction - machines are making me crazy. now have sneaking suspicion that i have an incoming migraine. oh goodie.

just finished retyping my resume this afternoon. sent it to dubai, and am hoping for concrete job offer(s). dad is scouting out apartments... i can't wait to get out of here... i've decided that my goal for next year, besides experiencing all of dubai that i possibly can, is to read the first 100 'classic' books that i can get my hands on... on top of finally having some semblance of a life. pathetic, i know, but it's my silver lining and whatnot.


sir, may i have another?

i have to admit it - the first step to resolving a problem is to admit that you have one: i am a complete sucker for romance films. there. i said it. as of this very instant, i am positively enamored of 'pride and prejudice' ... i want a mr. darcy. sigh. swoon...

pretty please? may i have one?


finger lickin' good

my friend, crysti, just sent me the most positively fantabulous text message, ever. ever: 'i have a lil' angel that flies around with a hammer and hits everyone that i love. i hope it beats the shit out of you.'

i heart you, crysti. mmm hmm, i do.


babies in bloom

i'm going to be an aunt. my little brother is getting married... and he's going to be a dad. i'm completely excited... mind you, it took a day to sink in that my little brother is going to have a child, but it's really quite incredible. this kid - girl or boy - will most definitely be the most spoiled little one on the planet. oh yeah. oh yeah.

cheers to matt and whitney.


good places to go when you want to disappear

i don't think i could be more angry with myself if i tried. i spent two and a half hours completely mucking up a painting i've been working on for about a month. i was 'inspired' and apparently, my inspiration is ugly as hell and compositionally wretched. i kind of feel like moping, but i think i'll remedy the situation by taking my sander to the thing this afternoon... it's like a really loud, dusty eraser of sorts, i suppose.

oooh - more things i've screwed up and/or are making my life a living hell of late:
1] i have bent my rear axle. yes, ladies and gentlemen, i will be soon purchasing my second replacement axle. [this is me, taking a bow] i am just that good, what else can i say?
2] i got in a fight with the cnc mill [his name is now thadeus, i think] yesterday, and thadeus kicked my ass, cut my finger and made me very flustered. i heart machines.
3] the computers in the viz_lab [the place full of cool toys where i work] have gone on strike and i have a sneaking suspicion that they are planning a coup.

and now, i'm off to play with a penta koch puzzle. woo!


yeah, cause in my past life, i was a demi-god

Odin, "The Allfather." Like Odin, you

have many different sides. Odin is a patron

of the arts, but also drives his warriors

into battle frenzies. Odin made the ultimate

sacrifice for wisdom, giving his right eye

and hanging upside down on Yggdrasil with a

spear in his side for nine days and night.

When in doubt, ask yourself "What Would

Odin Do?"

Which Norse God Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


bite the weenie, riz... mmm, with relish.

current activity - multitasking [drinking wine, playing trivial pursuit (with the green piece), watching 'grease' on tv, and sticking my finger in my roommate's cheek]

what i shoud be doing - studying for the exam i have on monday...

c'est la vie.