a little pre-weekend inspiration


rocks. again.

so, to understate things just a bit: things have been a little overwhelming these last few days. 

it's really quite sad, because when i get home from work and face the list of things that i really need to do - make phone calls, write emails, write more emails, clean, do laundry, exercise, go to the bank, go to the grocery store, sketch out ideas for a really important project, etc., etc., etc. - i have zero energy left to tackle anything. i have decided that i either need to significantly increase my caffeine-intake once again, drink until i feel a little more motivated, or clone myself in order to be able to start checking things off of my 'to do' list. cloning seems a little out of the realm of possibility (due to things like the financial constraints of pursuing such technology, moral issues, so on and so forth), so i am voting for caffeine and motivation-juice.

i apologize for the neglect i am demonstrating towards my blog, but in all reality, my life is utterly boring at the moment. boring, that is, unless you really really enjoy me writing about how evil autoCAD is, or about how i am perfecting my potty-mouth in several different languages.

there is light at the end of this extremely long tunnel, my friends, for i am on the brink of a four-day weekend. starting tomorrow. bring it on, baby. oh yeah.