if i could be a superhero, i'd be awesome man...

the 'laser room' in the basement of jolly old vol walker hall smells of melted plexi glass... so much so that my nostrils [yes, boys and girls, both of my nostrils] are burning and my eyes are starting to glaze over - probably because of all of the toxic crap that i'm inhaling, but who really cares about the consequences of inhaling toxic crap anyway?

i get the marvelously entertaining 'job' of getting to play with the laser cutter this dreary afternoon... i'm printing stuff on paper with a laser... duuuuude, this is so freakin' sweet, man. totally groovy and stuff. i wish that my printer - if i actually had one of my very own - did its job via laser. i'd be the coolest girl on the block. i could be LASER GIRL [of course, this most recent part is said with the movie-fone guy voice], complete with my own utility belt with lots of gadgety stuff and the absolutely necessary accessory to any superhero's ensemble: the goofy-looking, skin-tight, incredibly cliche costume... cape and all.

... but for now, i guess that playing with someone else's laser will have to suffice.

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honestyrain said...

you'd make an excellent superhero. i can tell.