my refrigerator is flooding my house

the u of a school of architecture is celebrating its 60th anniversary. this - given that all architects are alcoholics - means that everyone goes out to get hammered. this is how we socialize... it's just how we roll. brewski's on dickson street was full to bursting with the architecture crowd last night... holy mother of god, those silly kids can drink.

the festivities also came packaged with a lovely serving of drama - my tires got slashed. yeah. i just got my bleeding axle replaced and now i have to get new tires. i'm just pleased as punch. someone went down the entire row of cars that my jeep was in and slashed everyone's tires... the best part: in a bloody church parking lot.

the whole group-of-people-simultaneously-changing-tires-in-front-of-cops-thing was actually comic genius. everyone exchanging tools to try to get everyone's tires changed ... and then trying to figure out what tool belonged to whom at 2:30 in the morning, in the dark, after a night on dickson street - in front of the cops. brilliant. brilliant, i say.

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