midget ninja

i have a plan. i am going to dress up like a ninja, climb in through the downstairs apartment window all sneaky-like, sneak through the tiny little rooms and overwhelming stench of fried food, and i'm going to smash my neighbor's speakers with a hammer. yes, yes... this is my sneaky remedy to the my-floor-is-vibrating-because-you-play-your-music-too-loud-are-you-deaf-? problem.

no, seriously... my neighbors play their music so loud it actually wakes me up... through the floor! are they trying to cause their child's eardrums to burst? are they hard of hearing and unwilling to seek medical attention (or get hearing aids)? or do they just enjoy polka music at 300 decibels and annoying the piss out of everyone on the north side of fayetteville?

at precisely 6am and 3pm every day, dude will turn his music on in his car, full blast. he then proceeds to open every door along with the trunk... and then walk away. he just walks away and my apartment is shaking itself apart. dude. what. is. your. deal? are you trying to make me crazy?

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