someone was killed at my apartment complex sometime friday night or saturday morning. she lived downstairs from me. she was 21 years old. her brother found her dead in her bedroom. i didn't even know her name. i was home all night on friday and i didn't hear a thing... i just can't help but think that maybe, if i'd paid more attention - if anyone living around her had paid more attention - this might have been prevented.

the most haunting thing about this whole situation is that i'm completely numb to it. that's fucked up. i should be horrified to come home from lunch to find a horde of police and a crime scene investigation vehicle parked on the quad in front of my apartment. i should be completely terrified. but i'm not. i am bothered tremendously by the fact that i didn't even know what this girl looked like and she lived four doors down from me for a full six months. and now she's gone. she was only 21 for christ's sake. now that is terrifying.

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i heard about that. why does stuff like that always happen in that little part of town? it use to be worse than it is now. but once a ghetto, always a ghetto, i guess. ok, i made that up, but it could be a real saying.