nothing, nothing to write home about

my sad, sorry excuse for a life can be summed up in one word - thesis. if i haven't written of late, it is solely because i am up to my eyebrows in things i need to write in order to get that little piece of paper that says that i'm free of this hell commonly known as architecture school. one more month, save a day, and i will be a college graduate. 48 days, and i will be on my way to dubai. oh yes, hell yes.

about the only thing of interest i have to write about is the 'flying architecture' competition i'm hosting today... it's basically just an excuse for architecture students to hurl eggs out of a second story window of the architecture department for prizes and whatnot. it comes down to the fact that i enjoy student-organization-sponsored mayhem. it's more interesting that way, i suppose.

oh, and i got peter eisenman's autograph on monday.


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Murrye said...

how exciting! you're about to be finished. i want to hear more about dubai.

awesome about eisenman, wish i could have gone to that lecture. i thought there were rumors that he refused to set foot in arkansas ever again? must have been just that, rumors.