like, whoa.

the thesis is due tomorrow... i'm not freaking out. what? i'm not (well, only a little on the inside). i'm just a little preoccupied with making sure everything comes together articulately, and because i can't spell to save my ever-loving life, i'm proofreading like crazy and running the spell-check a zillion times. i'm also keeping my fingers crossed that the printer doesn't suddenly decide to through a hissy fit... i will continue to do so until i am holding 47 pages of thesis in my hands.

two weeks until graduation. two. weeks. until. i. graduate. from. college. two more weeks of my academic hell and then i get to taste the sweet (hopefully) chocolatey goodness of freedom. now all i have to do is survive my defense, write another (again, hopefully) brilliant paper, finish a series of paintings, and pass a final exam.

no sweat.

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