this one's for the gentleman in the... um... beer.

it's story time here at idontliketowearshoes. this one's called 'eager little booger'... you know? booger from 'revenge of the nerds?' yeah, so... at the french kicks and calla show last night at jr's, there was this really enthusiastic little version of booger from 'revenge of the nerds' standing right in front of the stage, just staring, bug-eyed, at the band while he over-zealously rocked out to the music... i had the fortune of getting a clear view [a rarity, due to my vertically-challenged stature] from the side of the stage to our dear little booger.

have you ever been to an event - specifically a concert - that you just didn't want to end? where the music touches some nerve deep down inside of you that causes sincere delight? but once you think about the fact that it will eventually end, you can't get the thought of said conclusion of delightful event out of your mind, so you try and try and try to enjoy the show as much as is humanly possible? that was what little booger was like. smoking his cigarette in quick, intense little drags. shaking his head back and forth to the beat of the drums. shuffling from side to side on his heals like a little hipster from the inability to stand still during such a rhythmic explosion. once in a while, checking to make sure that his hair was still carefully disheveled.

i couldn't help but smile when i thought about what was probably going through his mind... it just makes me happy to see other people so overwhelmingly content [unless, that is, they are vindictive, evil people... then i glare very intimidatingly at them if they show signs of happiness... because their happiness normally means utter misery for some other [normally] innocent party]. if everyone could enjoy music/be passionate about music the way that little booger was about the french kicks and calla, the world would probably be a much better place...

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Bobby said...

I saw the French Kicks here in DC last week. Booger wasn't there though.