peanuts are neither peas nor nuts... discuss.

i am becoming increasingly nervous... tomorrow, i will be on my way to vermont to do my first naab accreditation visit at norwich university... i am nervous because i will 1] be the only student on this accreditation team [yes, they do it in teams of four... with one student member representing the aias on each team] and 2] i will be the only person on the team who hasn't done an accreditation visit before. not to even mention that the other members of the team are - you know - heads of departments of architecture or deans of architecture schools at major universities... yeah, no pressure whatsoever. none. i guess i just have to hope that i can keep myself from looking like an idiot for six days - mind you, this will be a very challenging task for me, as i make a very good habit of making myself look like a moron on a daily basis. blah blah blah.

tah tah for now kiddies... this one must get her ass out of bed at 5am tomorrow in order to make her flight[s]...

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honestyrain said...

you'll be great because first of all, they know you're a student and not a dean and second, you're a genius which is so going to be of use in this situation.

have fun and do post all about it when you get back!