bwautle 'em

this evening/morning/night/whatever, i am an insomniac by choice... well, no - not by choice at all... chrunch time for critiques has bled over into what should be my 'me time' [which is normally consumed with sleep... oh that bless'ed sleep]. i've realized that it's one thing to just stay up... it can actually be fun when you chose to stay up late/not sleep at all. it is, however, a completely different thing if you're staying up because you have shit to do - this is when your body decides that it hates you with a fiery passion and hides all of its energy so you feel like a zombie and it makes your eyelids very very heavy... all of this just to punish you for staying up late to get your crap finished.

on this subject of getting crap done: why is it that the weather is shit until you are required to remain inside in a room without windows to get work done? ... actually, i guess it would be worse to have to stare straight into paradisical weather while trapped inside your task box... i only say this because - once again - i was relegated to the basement of jolly old vol walker hall in a room without windows [well, there are actually two windows, but they afford no view or any real access to the 'outside world'] on a sunny, eighty-degree, cloudless day... damnit. i guess i'll just have to hope that by some providence, tuesday will be lovely... i might actually have a rare moment of free time to go lie around in the grass or some such silly nonsense... i can't bloody wait. this anticipation is made even more prevalent because tomorrow - all day tomorrow - will be filled with reviews [from 9am until 11pm with two very small breaks for sustenance... la dee friggin' dah]... but i guess that one should expect to have an anxious wait for anything that is worthwhile.

... at least i'll just keep telling myself that.

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