ladies and gentlemen. i present de-motivation at its finest

no, really, it's not that i don't want to do all of the crap that i have to do; it's just that there's so much of it. where in hell is a girl supposed to start? first, there's the organizing that has to happen sometime [yes, i am a bit of a slob... but only because i have no actual time to put stuff back where it goes... blah blah blah]. then there's the finding funding bit. being broke is absolutely no fun... i can't even say that it's because i'm a starving artist or any of that romantic crap... i'm just in college. la dee freaking dah. then there's the whole catching-up-from-when-i-was-sick-bit... yeah... still am not caught up on all of the school crap that i have to do/was supposed to do. then there's the whole exercising bit. fat freaking chance i'll have time to do that. bah. i laugh at you, exercise. ha ha ha. then, there's the whole find-my-sanity-because-its-gone-missing-bit... hopefully, no explanation is needed for that one, it should be pretty straight forward. then there's the whole do laundry, finish a painting that i have no idea what to do with, come up with something brilliant to say during my discussion group this evening, read the 200 page book that i'm supposed to finish before this weekend, design a website, finish a project on the laser cutter, [can we tell that i'm over-loading myself here?... just checking...]. but i will find time to make myself that phish food milkshake, damnit... if it's the last thing i do.


Chris said...


FINE...I'll make you the damn milkshake.

Just promise to make time for a shower occasionally.

Anonymous said...

Such a great boyfriend you've got there. Keep your head up chick, it'll all get better soon enough!