smoke and peppermint chapstick

22. as of last thursday, yours truly is 22... i don't feel any older, nor has anything significantly, dramatically, or blissfully changed in my life overnight, much to my dismay. 'chronologically, you're... but physically, you're still...' as un-magical as birthdays can be for me [they're not normally very good days, as luck/fate/what-have-you would have it], this one was rather lovely... unlike my big 2-1, people actually remembered my birthday this year... my friends called, people bought me a few beverages, and - even though i had to wait tables that day - it was one of those fall-asleep-with-a-smile-on-your-face kind of days... i got a 12:01 am 'happy birthday,' my roommate and her boyfriend made me breakfast, complete with a candle-covered crumb cake [as birthday cake would have tasted kind of strange alongside eggs and such], my friends took me out to lunch [can you tell that my life seems to organize itself around food?], and i got to walk around for most of the positively gorgeous day with a balloon tied to my belt loop... silly really, but nonetheless wonderful.

maybe it's the late night or the fresh air [writing on the front porch], but i have an urge to write something... humor me, if you will: the kindness of people can be a bit overwhelming sometimes... people who understand when you just need a hug and give you one... no special requests or circumstances needed, simply an understanding of someone else's desire to feel physically tied to someone, if only for a brief moment. i'm blessed enough to be surrounded by people like that... call it luck, call it what you will, but i have some pretty damn wonderful friends. it never fails that when i'm feeling a little detached - a little alone - i get a phone call, a knock on the door, or something of the like... i'm rescued by the kindness of my true friends on a regular basis... someone once told me that i should strive to surround myself with people who make me smile, people who enrich my life... i think i've succeeded. though i may not make enough of a contribution to them, my friends are the greatest gift i have and i am forever grateful.

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