he's the kind of person that makes you feel good about yourself... because you're not him.

the clouds of impending doom approacheth. it seems like no matter what i do to distract myself lately, all i can think about is starting comp studio... my last chance to prove myself in architecture school, as it were. monday, my descent into the inner circle of hell will begin and, try as i might to make myself confident, i am filled with a pseudo-despair. i will most likely not sleep regularly [or at all], not eat regularly [which isn't much of a change from my current situation, to be quite honest], or have a firm grasp on what little sanity i have left until december. woe is me.

at least i can take comfort in the fact that sleep-deprivation-induced hallucinations are fun. and i guess there is the little silver lining on the aforementioned clouds... being that i will [hopefully] graduate in may. thank. you. dear. sweet. jesus. whatever drug-induced logic allowed me to voluntarily sign up for a five year undergraduate program should be abolished. i have had a ridiculous amount of fun, mind you... that whole work-hard-play-harder thing. thanks to architecture school, i have mastered the art of dividing my time between work and party... and, more importantly, mastered the art of party. cheers to me.

i am rambling again... my deepest apologies go out to whoever has actually read this babble.
beddie-by time... i have an early appointment with heavy machinery and i have no desire to lose appendages...

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