comfortably numb

my apartment looks like a bomb went off inside it... from the front door to my bedroom, it is utter chaos [saved for my roommate's room, which looks spectacularly orderly in comparison]. maybe it's due to me not having any time to actually take time to reorganize all of the crap that is just kind of hap-hazardly strewn about... but it's more likely due to the fact that i really don't give a shit [gasp... she said shit. is she allowed to do that?]. the only thing about this situation that puts me ill at ease in the slightest is that i know deep down in my whatever that there are eight-legged things everywhere... and now they have lots of places to hide... particularly the ones that like to hunt at night... i just found three in my bedroom and needless to say, i don't feel much like crawling into bed at the moment. i'd much rather hang out in my disorderly living room, complete with television [only for movie watching - the whole i'm-too-poor-to-have-cable-thing rears its ugly head yet again] and other things to distract me [i.e. the wine bottle sitting on my kitchen counter].

i'm currently hanging out on my front porch, listening with great intensity to the wonderfully ridiculous conversation of two women 'under the influence' talking across the way. the most amusing parts are when the lady in the red shirt stops, mid-conversation, to speak in the most absurd little voice to her dog 'petunia.' i wish that i could somehow have the power to find out what that poor little dog thinks everytime red-shirt-lady speaks to her like that... probably thoughts like, 'if i only had thumbs, i'd cause you tremendous bodily harm' or 'i wish they made ear-plugs for dogs.' i know, i'm terrible and i'm probably going straight to hell, but i simply can't resist... some people make it far too easy to make them the object of some overly-sarcastic diatribe... the best part of this whole ordeal is that these two women apparently live right next door to one another, yet, insist on having this abnormally loud, incoherent conversation on the balcony in front of their apartment, where the acoustics in the quad [as all of the buildings face inwards toward a grassy quad-thingy with trees in it... wow, that was eloquent] cause their voices to bounce all over the place. 'hey, everyone, listen to me... i'm saying something important... so, when i was drunk that one time a that one bar and i blah blah blah...'

yeah, straight to hell.


scary roommate said...

you better get that place cleaned up before I come home...or else. mwaaaaahhh haaaahaaaa (evil laugh)

natalie said...

i never thought you were scary until right now... in this very moment, i'm shaking in my flip flops... just bring your bastardly ass home from the beach with some shrimp...