gelatin goodies... and whatnot

how is it that every time i attend a party that is anywhere in the vicinity of water, i end up looking like i've been beaten for a week afterwards? currently, i have severe bruising on my forearms, biceps, thighs, back, knees, jaw, etc. ... i can't kneel, chew, or pick things up... lovely, really, considering that i work in a restaurant and have to eat, therefore, i have to do these things often. most painful. yeah.

i'm sleepy again, so pardon the jumping around... introducing people to new music, movies and books is positively wonderful... again, i'm a nerd, so i enjoy these things more than most. i went to brewski's tonight to hang out with some of my colleagues from work and the conversation drifted toward - randomly - the dandy warhols and wes anderson... partly due to the fact that the wonderful people at brewski's were playing the dandy warhols' album 'thirteen tales from urban bohemia' and it reminded me of wes anderson's films somehow... nevertheless, i ended up telling my friend, sam, about all sorts of bands she'd never heard of... now i get to make a mix-tape. while playing tee-ball and sliding on a slip-and-slide might be some people's idea of a good time, making mix-tapes has been one of my favorite past-times since i have been able to operate a stereo with any sort of recording capabilities. needless to say, i'm a bit excited...

this whole operating-a-keyboard-while-dreadfully-tired thing is killing me, so i shall leave you with this: lime jell-o gives off the same brain waves as adult males.

ciao ciao kiddies. on the morrow.

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