goodbye my sweet.

jr's -

i know that this is a day late, but i felt i needed to say goodbye and to say thank you. thank you for the music. thank you for shows that were so good that i wished they could go on forever. thank you for my first legal beer and for all of the sass behind the bar. thank you for making it ok to dance like an idiot in front of strangers because i couldn't keep standing still. thank you for introducing me to indie music - it changed my life.

so cheers to jr's. cheers to actually wanting to hang out in a smelly basement because there wasn't any place i'd rather be. cheers to having just one more beer after the 'ugly lights' have come on. cheers to playing up until the last minute and rocking out for every second of it. cheers to being swallowed by the music, closing your eyes and letting it envelope you. cheers to jr's for hosting the two greatest shows i've ever seen in my life. cheers to the music, the people and the place.

thank you jr's.
thank you for the music.
thank you for the memories.


Lori said...

I'm heart-broken over this. It's too hard to believe I'll not have JR's to welcome me back to America next time I'm home.

Anonymous said...

uh, why didn't anyone tell me that jr's was closing?!

mary mother of god, natalie!! i trusted you to keep me informed while i study my sweet little ass off in new orleans!


oh, that reminds me, i have a super stupid crush on someone here, but you'll have to actually call me to find out who it is.....

natalie said...

christ on the cross! baby jesus in the manger! dara actually reads my blog. sigh. i feel so fucking privileged... maybe if i wasn't actually being productive in my studio-hell, i could pick up the phone and call you. maybe if i didn't have, like, 8 million drawings due, daily, i could call you... why don't you freak out a little more, kay? [and as to the question of 'should i cause natalie serious physical pain for being such an internet-bitch,' i suggest that you answer, 'no, i should be proud that i've taught the once timid and overly-sensitive natalie to be sarcastic... and after all, she is only fucking with me.']

by the way, i heart you. i heart you with my whole heart.