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so... the misfits, huh? like, frickin' right!!! i paid witness to the wonderful conglomeration of 1] marky ramone, 2]dez from black flag and 3]jerry only from the misfits. sigh. it was abso-freaking-lutely fabulous. i don't believe that i've ever rocked so hard in my life. i got dez's and jerry's autographs and tried my very bestest to get marky's, but my efforts were futile, as he ran out the back door as soon as the concert was over. i did get a great photo with jerry and i got a marvelous hug from dez. all sweaty and rocked out and delightful and stuff. great night. yeah. great night.

so, on to other news in natalie's world:
in the past two days, i have become certain that i want to run for southquad director of the american institute of architecture students... i realize that i have a lot on my plate for the next year, but this is nothing new for me. i have also been highly active with aias at fayetteville since i was in freshman year and i would definitely like to involve myself at a national level as i feel that aias is doing great things for people in architecture school. i also desire change in the condition of architecture school and i know that the best way to incite change is to become involved on the inside. so, cross your fingers and wish me luck - if that's what you feel like doing. ...as for me, i will cross my fingers and 1] hope that i am elected and 2] hope that i do a good job.

i'm also in the middle of crunch time here in rome. final drawings are due for grading next friday. [insert deep heavy sigh here]... i have two five-page papers [i'm not worried about them, though] and a large rendered 'pretty drawing' about campo dei fiori due on tuesday. if it's worth showing you when i'm finished, i'll post a photo of the drawing when i get back to the states...

other than that, i am really, really enjoying having my flat to myself this weekend. the boys are in paris [brad] and london [david] this weekend. i'm broke, so i stayed in rome... i also have much more work to do than most people here because i work really slow and stuff... oh well... i finished reading 'franny and zooey' [bloody marvelous book…] yesterday and got 150 pages into '100 years of solitude' [so far, pretty marvelous] today... i cooked dinner for austin, ariana and baldwin tonight... i totally improvised, but i tasted alright, i guess... and now i have absolutely no motivation to do anything... with exception of finishing up my book... terrible, really, as i have so much to do.

anyway, i'm off to attempt to be productive and such...
cause some trouble kiddies... i won't be able to until after friday, so you better cause a lot of trouble to make up for my not causing any... toodles.

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Murrye said...

good luck on the southquad thing, i think you should go for it! you could be the next trinity=)