my water is fizzy and i like it like that

final crits are tomorrow. i should be nervous, but i feel too shitty right now to really allow the jitters to have any effect on me whatsoever. i've been coughing up my lungs and everything else you could possibly imagine for three days now and i see no signs of my body deciding to let me feel better. i just hope that i can get through my presentation tomorrow without having to double over in a coughing fit... talk about embarrassing.

after tomorrow at approximately 1pm [that’s the time the crits are supposed to be finished... so what i really mean is: tomorrow at 5pm], i'm home free... i get to go to a good-bye party at a professor's flat with the class and some of his students from cornell university and then sit through the rest of critiques on thursday and then i get to finally relax and start trying to feel better.

i must feel better by saturday because i am going to milan to see the beastie boys and talib kweli in concert. woo! after i get to come back to rome and pack because i get to come home!!! twelve days and counting until my plane leaves for home and i really couldn't be more excited - i know that's bad and whatnot, because i'm in italy and i'm not supposed to want to come home, but i'm broke and sick and i miss my friends and such in the u.s.

all that i have left to do until i can enjoy my last days in rome is finish up a model and polish up my presentation for the jury tomorrow... let's just hope that i don't fall on my face or anything while i'm on my way up to the front of the room to present... because that would be embarrassing...

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