the hobbit-hole fish tank may be more of a reality than i initially thought possible

so, the tiber is ridiculously flooded today - by about 8 - 10 feet. it's also supposed to rain all bloody week... brilliant. i just hope that my flat doesn't end up at the bottom of a new roman lake or anything. all i have to say is that i'm really glad that i do not live on the isola tiberina... it's only got a couple more feet to go until it will be flooded along with the river. i just hope that the water level goes down a bit - soon. not just because of the possibility of the city flooding [for that to happen, it would have to rain a lot more... but because, now that the river has flooded all of their homes, all of the roman rats have decided to come out and play in the city and such. i passed six of them on my way home from studio this morning... ugh. i don't really have a problem with rats, per se, but with as filthy as this city is [which is to be expected of any major metropolis, honestly], i can't even begin to fathom what kind of putrid diseases they must carry here. insert shudder here.

on to more boring crap: i have a very large drawing due in the morning. and no drawing due-date in rome would be complete without my very own final... it's delightful, really... i mean, why only worry about finishing a rather large rendering when i can also worry about studying for a test?

i'm off to render [aka color-in a drawing ... for all you non-archy folk out there].
tah tah

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