here's to pleesure on the floor

so, milan in the middle of the night is really quite entertaining. first things first: i'll start where i left off last time. i leave the internet cafe at approximately 1:35am and i have four hours and change to wait for my train in the face-numbing cold. i'm standing in the enormous loggia at the milan train station... trying to read 'raise high the roofbeam, carpenters and seymour: an introduction' by j.d. salinger to pass the time and i happen to look up as this random man is walking past me with his absurdly large rucksack. would ya know that right at that moment, scrawny little thief whitey runs up behind big-rucksack-bum and steals his pack. whitey runs away and big-rucksack-bum takes off after him... he eventually comes back to the station with his pack and a very satisfied look on his face... i'm assuming that there was some sort of ass-whooping involved, but who really knows?

i think that it's probably pertinent to insert a little side note here: i was the only girl - repeat: the only girl - at the train station. ugh.

next, homeless man with all but his eyes covered up with a scarf breaks out into a two minute tap dance without music. then i witnessed a mini fight club between two friends who laughed hysterically after they consecutively punched each other in the face for about 20 minutes... very eenteresting... then i was stalked by a private security guard until i got onto my train. dude kept asking me if i wanted to go find an open bar so that 'we could get something hot to drink' - thankfully fight club was still there and they proceeded to look out for me until i got onto my train at 5:30am.

i get on the train and proceed to try to sleep [as, at the time, i hadn't slept in two days and was really looking forward to some shut-eye] when crazy, red-eyed milano soccer fan spent the next thirty minutes trying to steal my ajax [amsterdam soccer team] scarf. harrumph. it was really kind of scary, because soccer fan man was really scary and we were the only people in the train car. needless to say, i didn't sleep until i got home... i refuse to let my guard down around crazy, red-eyed, straggly haired people... ‘nuff said.

so onto current events: david - roommate - didn't end up making it to amsterdam. poor baby. he was really looking forward to spending an entire week of being completely lost in every sense of the word before going home... he woke up about fifteen minutes before the train was supposed to leave, ended up making to the train station with a miraculous five minutes to spare ... guess what? no freaking train! yeah... we think it was a sign that he wasn't supposed to go to amsterdam... he even had trouble when he was trying to buy his ticket to amsterdam, so maybe it was meant to be.

last but certainly not least: my dad is coming into rome tonight and we're gonna rock this town until we leave on the 26th... oh yeah!


Chris said...

sounds like a typical night at a train station to me...fascinating in every sense of the word. thanks for the play-by-play. i was worried about you for several days. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE GOING AROUND ITALY WEARING AN AJAX SCARF!!! natalie, natalie, natalie...

honestyrain said...

oh natalie! you know, i was worried about you. i was thinking of you out there all by yourself. don't do that again you! gosh sakes. glad you made it home ok.

honestyrain said...

happy christmas natalie!