rah rah rah rah

well, it's my last night at home tonight... as tomorrow i will be beginning my journey to italy... i'm really really really really excited, but i still feel somewhat surreal. i'm just doing the last minute junk - packing [which i actually haven't yet started], downloading the rest of my music onto my ipod, thinking about all the junk that i know that i'll forget to do, and trying not to think about how much i'm going to miss people while i'm gone. it's like being caught between a rock and a hard place, in that i want the semester to go by quickly so that i can see my friends again, but i really don't want it to go by quickly because i know that i'm going to fall in love with italy and i'm not going to want to leave... hmmm.

so, speaking of packing... that's what i'm going to go do.

daily nugget - sidenote: this is for my future gamblers... cause some trouble i vegas - and now for the nugget: to prevent some numbers from occurring more frequently than others, dice used in crap games in las vegas are manufactured to a tolerance of 0.0002 inches, less than 1/17 the thickness of a human hair.



SPRooM said...

grrl...we gonna miss you. what reason are we gonna have for going over to chris' now?? kiddin.....just kiddin.

be safe, kiddo. "Look at my hands! Look at my hands!"
Beware in laundrymats....beware.

natalie said...

sr. green -
i will do my very best to watch out for those who wish to sell me flowers in sketchy situations...

i will write and/or post often... i will miss you guys too - i can't believe how much megan is going to grow up while i'm gone... sigh...

cause some trouble while i'm away.