podders of the world, unite!

hip, hip, a hippa to tha hippa to tha hip hip hop. ya don't stop... as i was leaving the house at 101 s. duncan this morning, a very nice man in a lovely green and purple outfit stopped me at the door. in his hand was a little square box, which he made me sign for... ooo, the anticipation... what could possibly be inside??? as I took the box inside and excitedly openned it, my heart jumped with joy to see that at long last, my very own ipod had arrived, complete with customized inscription ['natalie's pod'] and all the fixins - just like mom used to make. giggidy giggidy giggidy... oh yeah!

so, i'm off to play with my new toy...

today's blog brought to you by the letter 'i' [as in ipod], and now for your daily nugget o' fun: the dot over the 'i' is called the 'tittle.'

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