blah ... business up front, party in the back.

apparently, the ball is rolling on the whole rome semester... seven days, nine hours and twenty-eight minutes until take-off. it seems somewhat surreal that the moment that i've been waiting for for three years is approaching so fast [i know... it's cheesy, but whatever].

i was somewhat disappointed that the humidity and [some] heat returned today, as i was really enjoying the spring-like weather that we experienced here in nw arkansas this past week... i guess that eighty degrees on the sixteenth of august is really nothing to complain about, though.

oh - on to more interesting things that i have seen since i last posted - side note: i have officially decided that my camera will go with me absolutely everywhere from now on - so, chris and i went to the mall for dinner saturday [the people-watching is really quite enjoyable...] and i saw a giant - maybe it's just that i'm really really short, but i honestly think that this girl was the biggest person that i've ever seen: i'm guessing somewhere right around or above 7' and not just tall, she looked like she could kick the shit out of anyone in her path... anyone. then we definitely saw a pair o' mullets... i mean quality mullets. boy-girl pair... the classic and the femmullet, complete with rediculous pot belly and mullet-fro. it was wonderful [i honestly think that i had a tear of joy in my eye]. i think that i'm going to start researching to find out who the first person was to sport the mullet... and then who the first person was that decided that the mullet was a stylish haircut. these are real perplexing questions here. i mean, who was it that took the time to grow their hair all the way out and then just cut the front? were they just too lazy to finish the job? or did their trimmer's battery run down? was it just a really terible joke played on a drunk person post pass-out? i really want, no, need to know. if you have any information regarding the history of the mullet, please contact me... i yearn for information.

and now for your daily nugget: a rope made from 1000 human hairs could lift a well built man. actually, today i'll be extra-special nice and give you two. the second dose: on average, girls spend two weeks of their life doing their hair.

oh yeah.


SPRooM said...

Actually, mullets are big uns with the cowboys cuz they can wear them big ole sexy 10 gal hats without all thar har gettin em hotter than they are in their wranglers...yet still sporting that stylish swash of hair comin out from the brim of the melon cover.

i promise i really don't like cowboys.

natalie said...

aww, jason, you don't have to cover up the fact that you really do like cowboys - or maybe you really just like the mullet. even though it does have a justification [and that's a stretch], it's still just a really lazy 'do'...