it's a conspiracy, i tell you!

so - i think that there is some sort of plot to set every piece of electrical equipment within a six mile radius of your's truly against me this week. every computer that i touch seems to freak out and do strange things to me - not, mind you, when i'm working on frivilous junk. it actually only seems to occur while i'm in the middle of a project of some significance to me or to someone relying on me to get a job done. i should let you know - as a bit of background - that i love technology. i'm just not particularly fond of it at this specific moment in time.

i'll give you a few examples of what i'm talking about here: 1. it's a beautiful monday here in fayetteville, and i'm getting a lot of work done - scanning some lovely figure drawings - and i'm on a roll. not just a small one, i mean a huge friggin' roll... my little gray cloud shows up at about 3:30 in the afternoon... one of our lovely physical plant employees who is assisting in some road work just outside of the computer lab that i'm working in decides that it would be just splendid to run a large spike straight through the main electrical supply running underground leading to a campus-wide loss of power... sigh. 2. tonight - i'm in the process of piecing a beautiful image together after pain-stakingly scanning a large image in very small, high-resolution pieces, and suddenly, the computer's 'scratch disks' or whatever they're called are full and i am no longer permitted to manipulate any image on the computer or save anything on the bloody computer... i love my life.

i guess that i just have to remember to breathe... i just find it somewhat amusing that stressful events/issues occur/come up all at once... you know?... when it rains it pours? it's really quite funny because i know that in a day or so, everything will be peaches and cream; my life is just utter chaos right now. c'est la vie, i guess.

the daily nugget [it's really quite appropriate for my mood right now...]: 25% of britons have physically attacked their computers.

i wonder what the statistic is for americans? more specifically, students. even more specifically, architecture students. i'd wager that it's somewhere around 80% and if it's lower than that, people are practicing some serious self-control.


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