a most unfortunate series of events...

last week - bitten by dog [see post from 02.04.2006]

this week - car accident [see below]

i was on my way to norfork this afternoon to bid my mother adieu before she is on her way to dubai tomorrow... and of course it starts snowing - rather profusely - on my way. i decide to continue on my merry way, undeterred by the fact that the last time i had an accident of any sort of magnitude [i.e. i was lucky to walk away from it], it was sleating and i was on my way from fayetteville to norfork... foreshadowing, anyone? i get to harrison [about 2/3 of the total journey] just fine, when i happen upon two rather horrid accidents [a) girl seemingly pinned under rolled-over turquoise coupe. b) young man unable to exit his truck after having spun out, run off the road and hitting a tree]. immediately after passing said accidents, i crossed an icy bridge. i slowed down to avoid some debris in the road and was 'tapped' from behind by the car behind me that was apparently unable to slow down in time. at this time, i began to spin, across both lanes of traffic, back into my lane, where i slammed into the curb and landed up on the sidewalk, facing the opposite direction. the impact broke two of my wheels and punctured my rear-left tire. what joy is mine... i was helped by a wonderfully kind stranger at the bp gas station, who had apparently recognized that i was much too shaken-up and still too shaky to operate my piece-of-shit jack by myself... thank you, whoever you are, from the bottom of my heart.

lessons learned from said accident:
1] stay home when it starts to sleat heavily or snow for any period of time... take actions such as: give car keys to someone else and/or hide them to insure that you don't drive in these conditions.
2] get a better jack
3] people are capable of demonstrating extreme kindness to strangers, for absolutely no reward other than ultimate gratitude. maybe some people are inherently good, after all...

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