camel snot & fun with play-do

i went for pints with my friends, scott, david and nathan tonight. i've decided that i'm most definitely driving back out to chaco canyon this summer. and this time, i'm driving the jeep with the top down... i haven't seen the bleeding sun in five years and i deserve a freaking tan. pint night... why? why do they make me drink shitty beer, like mich ultra, at an obscenely inflated price in order to get a stinking glass? sigh. not. cool. not. cool. at. all.

i sprained my knee today... i'm apparently a klutz. i, apparently, can't walk now. at all. what joy is mine... i've hobbled myself. and for some very strange reason, i'm not upset about it - well, stairs are proving to be a bit more of a hassle than would typically be desired, but such is life. i'm somewhat glad of it, in fact, because i've had an excuse to not be insanely busy today... people seem to understand that when one is injured, one cannot move at a quick pace - what utter bliss is mine.

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