i'd give my body to be back again... in the rest of the room.

brief recap of the last couple of weeks and some added nonsense to conclude:

i'm in a class that basically focuses on phallic imagery and a primarily sexual interpretation of the body in medieval space [yeah...]. i got a personal trainer and am going to get rid of my fat ass if it kills me. i graded quizzes for the first time this afternoon. i've been remodeling the cnc room in the basement of vol walker along with my friend melissa [and am almost done painting - will post pictures when it's all said and done]. i got stuck in an elevator on monday night... me and a computer cabinet, getting cozy and stuff while i waited for the cops to let me out [i was just so very glad at that moment that i am nowhere near claustrophobic...]. my transmission is slipping in my jeep and i am - as usual - broke as hell [that's a technical term, by the way].

i'm moving to dubai [in the u.a.e.] after i graduate in may and i can't wait to get the hell out of here. i have this tendency to get rather stir-crazy, and i have never been so desperate to get out of a place in my life - partly because everything i touch here seems to turn to shit and partly because i honestly believe that this place is killing me - just a little bit, each and every day. i seem to have completely lost myself. i've lost touch. with almost everything that matters to me... so i'm getting out as fast as i can...

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