i'll lay down my vices, i'll lay down in houses... things come alive

i apparently lack the ability to work on my paintings without completely dousing myself in oil paint. health risk? yeah, i'm not so good about the whole keep-the-oil-paint-off-the-skin bit. no, not really at all. i've had this really bad habit - since i was about 15 - in that i put down my brush and decide that it's a great idea to start finger painting with oil paints... if i worked just a little harder at it, i could probably make myself look tye-died... given that i look like a henna session gone terribly awry after i've been painting. whatever... it's my therapy and whatnot.

i painted quite a bit today... it's a stationary activity [well, relatively stationary] and i can't really walk that well today... so it's convenient like that. my personal trainer allowed me to kick my own ass yesterday and currently, my legs are punishing me. c'est la vie... i've lost ten bleeding pounds in two weeks. yeah... that's right... i'm gettin' skinny again. what?

rambling, yet again... i'm having a 'dinner party' on saturday. though there will be food present [that my roommate and i will probably spend most of saturday cooking], i have a feeling it will be more 'party' than 'dinner.' nonetheless, i'm stoked. the last time i hosted anything close to a 'dinner party' [again - mostly wine (well, lots of wine, but that's neither here nor there) with sustenance available] was in my shoebox apartment in rome, cooking food enough for ten people on one burner, by candlelight because we kept shorting out the electricity. superb... so here's to hoping for someone's drunken stupor on saturday and here's to hoping even more that it's mine.

i need a drink...


Murph said...

Drinking is wrong

natalie said...

but oh so very, very right.