screw jimminy... my conscience needs a rest.

tired. really behind. been meaning to post. been lazy and haven't posted. would be sorry save for the whole lazy-thing. will post something of substance later tonight. have stories. must share. peace out. homie.


honestyrain said...

you did not return to post anew. i hope you are not so busy that you have slumped down on the floor and are now refusing to get up from overwork. that would be oh so sad.

Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

And crickets chirp.

natalie said...

i'm sorry... i promise that i will post something of no consequence and little value soon [i aim high]... and it may even be slightly entertaining... as of yet, no slumping on floor... just falling asleep on my drafting table, waking up with a graphite-stained face. going to sleep now. yes. sleep.