gravity always wins

there's the saying, 'work smarter, not harder.' imbedded in this philosophy is a flaw. the only problem with the whole working-smarter-thing is that one must normally work much dumber first in order to figure out how to work smarter. learning from your mistakes takes time... i don't have time, damnit... i need a shortcut [hint: donations in the form of suggestions are most welcome].

i have this new personal theory that the upstairs computer lab in vol walker hall is an energy-sucking-vortex and that autocad [aka satan reincarnate] is working in league with this vortex to make sure that i have absolutely no inspiration or motivation or drive, etc. it's a bloody conspiracy, i tell you. someone must put an end to it... i'd be that person - it would probably be best if i was that person, considering that it's my problem and whatnot - but i haven't the time [notice a theme here? lack of time, maybe? ...could be]... anyone up for the job? i pay in the form of substantial amounts of alcoholic beverages and home-cooked meals... tempting? damn right, it's tempting.

you know you want to... all the cool kids are doing it. [how's that for peer pressure?]

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