pain in my heart... just won't let me sleep

as i sit here, staring blankly at this computer screen, built to spill are probably playing their set at the dickson street theater... i should be there. i however, have the worst luck on the freaking planet [ok, maybe not the worst, but you get my drift.]. the bloody show sold out three people in front of me. i'm upset. truly, deeply upset. i know it's just a stupid show and whatnot, but they're one of my favorite bands... they play my favorite song... and i don't get to be there when they play it.

one could have bought tickets beforehand, but i'm poor and i didn't have the money to do so until it was too late. and then i get to the show more than an hour early and they sell out... and now i get to sit here and think about how i could be there... and it makes me sad... stupid, yes, i know... but sad nonetheless.


honestyrain said...

aww that sucks! bummertown.

but other than that, how are you?

Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

Ouch! What's your favorite song?

natalie said...

favorite song is most definitely 'time trap' by built to spill... no questions. hands down. favorite song. yeah.