your local coffee shop... or the gay-dar bermuda triangle

mother of god... i couldn't get sick the week before class started. noooooooo. i have to get sick in the middle of a bloody assignment. and it's not that here-today-gone-tomorrow kind of crap. noooooooo. it's the i'm-a-cold-and-i'm-going-to-make-you-miserable-for-ages kind of crap. and on top of feeling like your head weighs eighty thousand pounds and feeling like you're floating in some kind of soupy stuff, you have to dope yourself up to keep yourself from drowning in your own snot, then you have to deal with the aftereffects of the doping... i'm seeing little green spots everywhere. this is unacceptable. i am supposed to be doing a meticulously-accurate color rendering of a yucca seed pod. this is quite difficult when i feel like crap but now i have to deal with little green spots everywhere. unacceptable, i say. bah humbug.

i know i'm supposed to hydrate myself and whatnot, but i am also an architecture student. this, of course, means that i must consume ridiculous amounts of caffeine in order to function properly... this also means that i am now having to drink an absurd amount of water... grrr. but i digress - so, my friends and i went down to the common grounds today to have coffee, as the stuff they like to call 'coffee' at the campus coffee shop isn't and if you want anything with espresso in it, good luck. but i digress, yet again - while having coffee, my friends and i were treated to a wonderful display of employee art. neat stuff, i tell you. so, if you're in need of a caffeinated beverage of sorts and/or yummy edible stuff and/or alcohol in large quantities, you should head on down to the common grounds [this, of course, requires that you be in fayetteville, as that is where the common grounds is located] and check it out. yeah.

as i write this, i realize how incoherent it is... i apologize, but i lack the ability to be articulate at the moment. if you read my babble often, you realize that this is a normal occurrence - i simply have an excuse to be rambling, as i am under the influence of some weird purple cold/cough pills. if you are new to idontliketowearshoes, please pardon my current idiocy. i'm hoping it will wear off... but i'm not holding my breath. them purple pills have done me in. i am completely useless at the moment... and i'm loving it.

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trinity said...

you are such a tease! I miss common grounds... and most things fayetteville.

sorry i couldn't stop by while i was in arkansas. i didn't have the time to make it all the way to fayetteville. =(