waking dreams and a beat i can't get out of my head

current activity: listening to ulrich schnauss' 'passing by' on repeat [probably annoying the living hell out of the neighbors downstairs... revenge is sweet, my friend], intermitently retyping ricoculously extensive bibliography [i'm at 3.5 pages, singles spaced, 10 pt. font - and i'm not even half-way through it], working on thesis, listening to neighbors next door have a rather loud dispute on the balcony - apparently, right in front of my door [desperate for attention? or just a very mobile argument?].

have a strange craving for ice cream [ben & jerry's 'phish food' (my favorite)] - probably because it's bleeding cold outside [i only crave ice cream when it's freezing outside. yes, i know it's weird, but i can't help it], or just because i love chocolate... whatever, i just want ice cream. am also craving human interaction - machines are making me crazy. now have sneaking suspicion that i have an incoming migraine. oh goodie.

just finished retyping my resume this afternoon. sent it to dubai, and am hoping for concrete job offer(s). dad is scouting out apartments... i can't wait to get out of here... i've decided that my goal for next year, besides experiencing all of dubai that i possibly can, is to read the first 100 'classic' books that i can get my hands on... on top of finally having some semblance of a life. pathetic, i know, but it's my silver lining and whatnot.

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Murph said...

I think you're over-analyzing why you want ice cream. It's delicious.