good places to go when you want to disappear

i don't think i could be more angry with myself if i tried. i spent two and a half hours completely mucking up a painting i've been working on for about a month. i was 'inspired' and apparently, my inspiration is ugly as hell and compositionally wretched. i kind of feel like moping, but i think i'll remedy the situation by taking my sander to the thing this afternoon... it's like a really loud, dusty eraser of sorts, i suppose.

oooh - more things i've screwed up and/or are making my life a living hell of late:
1] i have bent my rear axle. yes, ladies and gentlemen, i will be soon purchasing my second replacement axle. [this is me, taking a bow] i am just that good, what else can i say?
2] i got in a fight with the cnc mill [his name is now thadeus, i think] yesterday, and thadeus kicked my ass, cut my finger and made me very flustered. i heart machines.
3] the computers in the viz_lab [the place full of cool toys where i work] have gone on strike and i have a sneaking suspicion that they are planning a coup.

and now, i'm off to play with a penta koch puzzle. woo!

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