whatever tickles your fancy... just keep your fancy away from me.

what a busy little bee i am. in the last few days, i have completely re-designed my studio project with three weeks left in the semester [slightly frightening but nonetheless invigorating...], learned to knit on thursday and am in the process of making a beautiful and beautifully soft scarf-like-thing, went bowling on wednesday for just a bit and learned that beer makes me a much better bowler [i improved my average 30 points over the course of 4 games... for a whopping total of 164. giggidy giggidy, all right.], learned a new juicy piece of software yesterday that looks as though it may end up making my life a whole lot easier, actually did laundry [impressive, i know... until you find out that the newly-cleaned clothes made it so far as an open spot on my floor... who needs wrinkle-free clothing in the first place? not i...], and am currently at work. and amidst all of this pseudo productivity, i am also fighting off what seems to be another bleeding cold... again... what joy is mine.

... must be productive... have a shit-tonne of drawings and model-things to do before monday morning. i have also reaffirmed that the concept of the 'weekend' is non-existent in architecture school... kind of sad, really, because i do so love to have the option of doing absolutely nothing for a couple of days in each week... c'est la vie... i only have three more weeks of studio... EVER.

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